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Hi there, bike hire is in the process of relocating to the station at llandovery, this means you have parking and access to drinks and food at the station and can pay on card etc, we will have a greater range of bikes available and hopefully that will mean I wont have to disappoint so many customers when I cant get to them as I am working elsewhere that day

keep watching this space





 Trek 4300

We have eight of these, one small (suitable for 5ft/1.5m tall) up to the one on the right which is good up to about 6'3" ish ~ 1.9m tall.  They are all front suspension, rim brakes and good for Brechfa Forest or local roads.  If you want road friendly tyres or even road slicks let us know we have spares in stock and can put them on a specific bike for you  If you are going to take the bikes off road and do what they are meant to do then the rate is £25 per day-we are willing to negotiate for longer or multiple hire and on road use.

For a review of the bike go to


We have trailers for children, tag-a-longs and a luggage trolley, these all fit the Trek bikes 

 We have these available to go with the Trek bikes-if you hire an adult bike then these will be extremely cheap to hire! Maybe even free if its a nice day

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